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>> what do you ofn you see a tree? a treatment for c alternatfuel for our cars? do you think of ho for the shelter? we do. weyerhauser, growing ideas. ♪ >> tonight, i a annoug that the amer combat mission in iraq has ended. >> this on "inside washington," is the war in iraq ovnd was it h it? >> how it always in the balance over ti k remai t be se alaska senatisa murkowski throws and a talibant i do not see a scenario where t primary will turn out in my favor.
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>> chalk another winah lin and tea y. >> a lasting peace would be achieved onlyith mutual and sides >> mideast peace talks as we celebrate l day week with hurric earl, storm cloudathe for thturnngress to washington. ♪ >> nation from the oval officehis ek nearly 7.5rs after the united states invaded iraq. the american combat mission has ended and he said he kept his promise to the american people that this was my pleasure to the american people as a candidate for this office >> in february, i announced a
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plan that woulin our combat brigades out of iraq while redoubliur efforts to rengthen their security forces and supporgoment and people. at is whate done. >> went dan harris of b c news asked defense secretary gates etary gates said it remains to b seen what the effecll be wasworth it? >> no. >> charles? >>i am a little ble in making a judgment. i go with secre superdelegates who then matages of the war. he says history will judge w the korean armistice was signed. the ma of americans fel it was not worth it. the judgmef history today probably different a if iraq establishes a democracy that beco example the rest of the middle east and begins a tren ofemocratizati history will say it was.
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if it d't, historyill say it wasn't. >> 4400 americans kil spent close to $1 trillion, we wer because of weapons s destruction, we found no weapons of mass destructio destroy, the presidentd we have turned a page, tmay be true but we have not closed the book on iraq. we an the middle of the book i think and there are many chapters to go. was it worth it to? it is hard to say yes when you have a situation where iran who s an enemy iraq is now on good sing terms with since th iion. >> was it worth t sacrifice and blood and treas don't believe so. i think it is ev more t blood aneasure involved.
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aid that, i hope,some respect those who sacrificed. it a pre-ptive wargain the country that had never attacked the united states, t had never threatened to the united states. this was done on a totally fal premisd prefabricated reason. it was a war were notnly400 40,000 wounded or crippled and the cost of $ trillion but the ir tves, 100,000 dead atst.5 million dislocated feir own 2 million expatriate living of the countr it has left the unite states less able to organize a coaln less believable and credo organize a >>you had short answer re- did the invasion of iraqade the american citizens
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safer than before? >> no, it probably mayave madethe world situation ereffor us less say. saddamsein was despicable heually controlthe try. there was no al-there when he was in power use it would have been aeato. therefore, bot the counterbal he provided to he contrver orismellsin his own y w probably in a cold ctational security way beneficial to us, not the other waound. he did not have weapons of mass destruction and since we ha good insion and he did not ha that obably for us it was not a situation for it as terribl r the irpeop but there were softening up econollyd await all this concern
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crediblesia herte. >> the clinton administrn was attacked releny over this. thousands of irawere dyi beca of the embargo especially iraqi children, tens ofusands. if you want to make a tally of their losses, you have to remember what the situation was at time. secondly as this criterion of iraq ever attacking as, iraq did not attackan adult for eith would you hav said that war was a mistake? >> >> that is not aterion you decide you go to war. you decide it will be in your interest. the preside making thpeech never have made that speech endinr mission with relative successad the searc not occurred. the ident opposed it. senatoiden opposed it. my colleag here had opposed it time arguingt whe ne instead was not a military search of atic
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one. th obama adminisn has had one charge, a diplomatic mission to establish a new government and have fail entirely in doing that. >> you will get great arguments from the american military on the search itself and whether that is accurate. there are people who were on the ground that decide.the fact ist thenited statesamerica is not in a ition inteiona anized a coalitier e kuwai ith you and backing and 36 nations that sent u.s. troops. we could not form a coalit today as a direct consequence of this ande misled our partners. >> iraq also indait. it did not do hing this >> let's be clear i listened to the left asand iid not he left make the b noise
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the need to do something use of the way saddam hussein is stealing oil money. not the issue the time. there was no clamo from the leo go into ie iraq. thatame from the right we ow that. >> weow prepare forhe november elections in earnest. >> i call upon you today to say that there are no adings. that was ase statement and it needs to be cleared up ri now about. i will call you out. i think youhould either nounce your support and dorsement of the unions that are boycottr state. ths a porti of a debate between the arizona republi governor and the democratic challenger. governor bruce as the state has beco violent because illegal immigration. what is interesting ishat
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follow the hours on an act of the tough immigration law, atl the gubernatorial candidates in 20 states endorsing that same legislation. >> it is enc to hear that people in the arizo desert not being be headed hot. i am sure that is an improvement in security under the circances. it is very r we are headed wave election. thst itant number is the generic ball if you ask people whether they will v republica or democrat, there is a 10%ea which is the largest in 68 years. at is a long time. ronald reagan was a demt at the . recentpoll said the outlook for democratic congressl candid is more bleak than 1994 06. prent obama'sularity is still indle 40%. >> you ask why governors are supporting this is because it is cheap.
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everybody knows that e will go to the sup c. we wilnd out w possible then. >> poli's j martin looks hree senate races. as thesident's popularity continues tottack, what are the chances of one or all of them getting knocked? >> russ feingold was always consider the fire while the democratconsin and has been popular acros board. if he is in troub wisconsin then democrats an trouble elsewhere on your questionut immigration -- any, fea grips the country econom thatthe timego after strangers and others. weave learned this week that illegal immigration in o coy has droppedy 67%. all but hordes waves are fabrication.
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in this kind o c numbers you the number that matters most that is the on plement rate. the on implement rate is still up and w upo 9.6%his week. that is the thats a killer. >> u haven skeptical about a huge repcan sweep in november? >> witerassingay, i see more and more predictions of a thing. i stillhink at the end of the da you are not going to see both houses o congress taken er by the republic the case still must be made by the members on the ground, the crats on theund, the democrats runnfor reelection, they voted for these programs. avtand up and deheir votes. ify cannot do that, sham o >> how lisa marie caskey w haen a figure in alaska
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politics how did she get ked off? e ve credito sera pri [laughter] she ca out for joe miller in a big way. meant a lot in the state of ka t have endorse him. because of the frictionen palins and therkowskis give hredit. >> joler is not a nobody. is a decorated veteran. endorsement is what kicked off half a million dollar infusion of mo fromhe tea party. small state inerms of graphics that made a big difference. >> is th significant or m like a family feud? >> whathave to do with john kerry's mili credentials?
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so be it wi miller. is was an impressive victory. don't forgett the murkowski/palin thing goes back to 2 she beat frank murkows and she left theice 9, lisa m. rakowski took a shot at her. >> oifference between joe miller and john kerry joe miller does not windsurf in a ti sui that are you sure? >> in alaska, it is too c [laughter] >> let's moere. esident obama tries for others before him have failed, the mideast peace talks. >> and i respect your people's desire for sovereignty. i am convinced that s possibo reconcile that desi with israel's need for .
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>> the israeli prime minister nyahung to palestinian thority president mahmoud abbas, tal days after four israelere killed in the west bank aas claimed responsibility. hamasagainst thacealks say a has no right to represent all palestinians. how will t talks go anywhe >> it wie very diffi. i think it is itant for t united states to remaining days bu important for the united states to recognize the difficult positionch netanyahu himself not just because he has strong opposition for what s trying to achien thace talks buuse at issue from my point of view, is il's own future, its they still are in a hle territory. you have hamas that does not want toport any kind of peace talks with israel. u have people he region
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who would justas soon see rael wiped off the f of the ea that is reality. s the neighborhood in which nethu find elf. e united states to be very careful that it does n weaken and this will surprise many people that it does not wn israel's position. isras in a ve ver difficult poon at this point. >> they spe fatah. >> in many ways, i give him enormous credit for doi something that he has for 20 years believe them. he has always renounced ce. increaly, hes somewhat isolated. he is doi this anyway even though his ownies a best lurm a it. israel is in aosition of th. their economy is g not had a suicide bomber in two years.
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tanyahu i in a very sg political . he can only benefit by these talks. heucceeda hero and oesn't succeed, he is still hero. >> what is your take? >> i thinkhe administration should be commended for the with a strred these talks. exactly right way to approachs. mitchellke to the press erdater one h megs in which he said that this negotiation othe next year is about final status. ths about an end to th conflict, and end to all grievances. this is not is we tried in oslo.that was a disaster. this iaartial. it has to be a frameeaning of a huge concessions to be ag to. israel give up territory. e palestinians will give up right of return that israel up all the not to all of jerusalem.
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the palnians will grant israel's sety. that is what wo wit the egyptian neat. the primer bet israel and egypt and afterwards the lawyers worked out details. is exactly what is cessary here, an end conflict. ink ist thght structure and i think it is the right approach. the problem is el are ready. netanyahu wasady for e conflict which huge concessions. any palestiniander signing the agreement will end the war that is doubtful about mahmoud abbas great credit putting that together. >> it is nnly about his political future b possibly his own lis on the line. o give net netanyahu credit. when the terroristack oced and four israelis wer killed tin thet would have been the
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excuse for ending talks. e fact thatwent bey that said the talks and the ssion is the mos important, i think thatays the seriousness ofhis. t's ho ike n g to china. >> once labor hurricane earl are behind us, congress will retur >> if he can getayroll tax holiday, a lot ofhe benefits would flow to workers and give reasono employ more people. i will take it ian get one of sent scale. >> i krugman. he is talking a a repor the white houas looking at a series of taxak for businessncluding a temporary payroll tax holiday. any chance oat happening? >> on the heels of what paul krugman sathe whiteouse said they not seeking a second -- second sti pae because they ct get done. i'm not sure wthey can get
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doneetween now and electio day. even proposing tax cuts f small businesses,not making a difference in the economy. at add67,000 jobs. will that play with the torate? need a fight going into this election. ikes me that the most logicalfront ofhem, if the congress does n act all the bush talks- tax cuts pire and the democrats better be ready for aht and the whhouse better be ready to leave that fight on extending the tax cuts for those earning under $250,000. >> democr are starting to cave on that? >> some demos are bedweg on that ide. if they can't m that case politically to the nation, i thin is time s working on a concession speec >> this is nibg around the
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edges of a big industrial, temporary indu tax break. to spuriness but in un states, targeted a the united statethat is a ult thing to >> i t the tragedyhe obama administration is that if they had proposee pal tax holiday as the original stimulus and nnt on infrastructure and interstate way system or something as a of government spending, if they had not put the $1 trillion on a wish list, if he had done that at the beginning of the administration, he would have had republican suppo reicans want a payroll tax holiday. he would haverguedhat econom the fate of the economy is shared by republicans and democrats. i think itave helped them politically. i also think it would of had a much larger effect inpi thenomy thae
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stimulus di >> the non-pa and widely respected congressional et of says up to 4 ion have been saved or created by the stimulus. the i that the republicans -- barack obama if he proposed a mother'day resolution the republican t congr would have said they cannot vote on that now abou. ould have supported that there [laughter]jobs saveds angels on the of a pin. you creates, temporary onf you spend it. some digging is a job. if yant to creat pnent jobs, you need taxs that your solution? >> partf myution is irony here is the biggest job
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is state and government jobs. everyorom teachers to firemen to policeman and other folks. states have balanced bud ents. ey ang two things that le in a recession laying people off and raising taxes. but you can giv them some money to tide them over, that might make a huge difference tea party folks are vociferously opposed to that. solicans. >> 300,000 ofhem ed up en beck last weekend? were you there? i was there at the lincoln morial. many times. there ehaved and were to to bring scienc igns. >> was it a blending ofeligion and polit >> a little religion but not a church.
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hoping not to go use i went to this. it was led bn beck to have a lot to say about preside obama's ianity. he not know whae hell he was talking about. [laughter] od time was had byll. he bht up dr. martin luthe king's namery timed. i could not quite get that went together. >> the religious aspect ofs s real. ouchedople there. as a leader, glen bec'sgab is what he calls social justice. any time you hear a priest o
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minister or rabbientionl justice, r of that charg report and to the bishop and fire him. this is contrary what most people take as the chran message which wasthew 25, was hungry, you said , when i was thirsty you k. that seemso be apathetic about i hets liberation which john paul ii opposed well. >> that is the problem. the cathol church and the gy in ameri has nothing do with christianity. every sunday at my church, we pray for people who are oppressed. that is because pe are oppressed. beck says that is wha liberation theology as all. about
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a he should be concerned about the soulthe individual. he does not know what he is talking about. >> i am not an expert on intra- christian theologicalputes. would encouragee: friendcolby that hes cled of his sense and will not have to go to church. >> d not takke it past weday. >> the atic a wonderful piece. they said they found a remarkablen beck spoke about dr. king incredi respectfullyas an american hero and sae sounded sincere. if he wa in, that is an odd way to appeal to a hug crowd of white bigots. think it is incredible you h beccepted in a crowd where
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the tea party hasn called st. there is thiser unanimously in the country about dr. king d higacy. >>i found the whole thing a ttle oe sen that i never hav felhe darkness in th country. lin talked about combat soldier son. lastord, thanks, see week. for a script of this broadcast, log onto
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